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Initial Consultation

Time: 1hour and 30 minutes

We will discuss your past medical and weight history as well as your future health and fitness goals.  We will review and discuss the most recent lab work you are able to bring from your last PCP visit. Your current eating patterns will be reviewed. A meal guidance plan will be developed to move you toward your personal goals. If meeting in your home, we can do a pantry assessment to ensure you are well stocked to keep you on track to meet your goals. 

Follow Up Appointment

Time: 45 minutes

We will discuss the progress you’ve made so far regarding your goals, barriers which impede progress and brainstorm ways to get around them. Adjustments to your meal plan may be made at this time and new menu ideas will be reviewed.

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12 Week Nutrition Program

Time: 1 hour 30 min initial, then varies

This includes your initial assessment, body composition testing at the start and end of the program, two thorough follow up visits: one within one month of starting and one at the completion of the program, as well as 4 brief in-person follow-ups and 4 telephonic check-ins during your 12 weeks.

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